Welcome to my class!

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If you have not already, please take a look at the instructional updates of the PWCS homepage.  There are some excellent resources and a suggested daily schedule to get you and your children through this time.

As we go forward, the teachers at CHES will be using Microsoft Teams as our primary means of instructional delivery.  While all activities and assignments posted are optional, we feel that keeping your children engaged in learning and school relationships will make this time easier on everyone.  I will be posting some activities (both academic and non-academic) over the next several weeks.

If you haven't had your student access Microsoft Teams yet, please take a minute and make sure that your student is able to get on.  There is a "Student Chat" channel that many of my students are using to connect with each other.  It's not recess but it's something!

As always, you can contact me on Class Dojo, through Teams, or by email at   sealsea@pwcs.edu.

Daily Schedule

9:10-9:15     Arrival & Bell Work
9:20 - 10:15     Math
10:20 - 11:05         Encore
11:10 - 11:45     Math
11:45 - 12:15     Social Studies
12:15 - 12:45     Lunch
12:50 - 1:15     Recess
1:15 - 2:55     Language Arts
2:55 - 3:30     Science
3:30 - 3:35     Clean Up / Pack Up / Stack Up
3:40 - 3:50     Recess
3:50 - 4:00      Dismissal

Encore Schedule

Day 1: Music
Day 2: Library
Day 3: PE
Day 4: Art
Day 5: PE