Welcome to Ms. Poe and Mrs. Palmer's class!

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Welcome to Ms. Poe and Mrs. Palmer's 4th/5th web page!
We are so excited for this year at CHES! We truly enjoy watching students' love of learning grow in 4th and 5th grade, and we are looking forward to an AWESOME year with our CHeetahs! 

Please continue to check Class Dojo and your email for updates. If you are having trouble logging in or accessing anything, please let us know. Remember, these online learning opportunities are optional, but we would still love to connect with students and families during this time. Stay healthy, and we will all get through this time together!

PWCS Virtual Learning Page

Microsoft Team Links:
5th Grade LA/SS Teams Page
5th Grade Math/Science Teams Page
4th Grade LA/SS Teams Page
4th Grade Math/Science Teams Page


4th Grade Schedule:

9:05-9:15 --Arrival

9:15-10:10 -- Math
10:10-10:55 -- Encore
10:55-11:40 -- Math
11:40-12:10 -- Lunch
12:10-12:40 Recess
12:40-1:30 - Science
1:30 Switch classes

1:30-2:45 -- Math
2:45-3:40 -- Science
3:40-3:50 -- Pack Up/Dismissal

5th Grade Schedule:

9:05-9:15 --Arrival

9:25-10:10 -- Encore
10:10-11:38 -- Language Arts
11:40-12:10 -- Lunch
12:10-12:40 -- Recess
12:45-1:30 -- Geography/Writing
1:30 Switch classes

1:30-2:00 -- Va Studies
2:00-3:40 -- Language Arts
3:40-3:50 -- Pack Up/Dismissal

4th Grade Encore Schedule

Day 1: Music
Day 2: Library/Guidance
Day 3: P.E.
 Day 4: Art
Day 5: P.E.

5th Grade Encore Schedule

Day 1: Art
Day 2: PE
Day 3:Music
Day 4:Library/Guidance
Day 5:PE