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Office Hours: Wednesday from 8:30 - 9:30 
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Virtual Learning via Zoom: 9:30 - 9:45 Tuesday and Wednesday

Tuesday May, 26  Zoom Meeting Summary 
Literacy Concepts -
Phonics Song

Brain Smart Start -
We're Going on a Bear Hunt

Calendar/Weather - Today is Tuesday, May 26 2020. What is the weather today? How does it feel outside? What season are we in?

Science- Today, we are going to review about different habitats. Share a picture of your favorite animal and tell where their habitat would be

Story - Animal Homes

Wednesday May, 27  Zoom Meeting Summary 
Literacy Concepts -
 Phonics Song

Brain Smart Start
 If you're a Kid (Going Green Dance)

Calendar/Weather - Today is Wednesday, May 27 2020. What is the weather today? How does it feel outside? What season are we in?

Science- Today, we are going to talk about ways we can take care of animal's habitats and the Earth by going green! 

Going Green Song -

Story - 
Teach Kids to Go Green

Click the following link to learn about Kindergarten registration for next year
The base school for students enrolled in our PreK program is River Oaks Elementary (16950 McGuffey’s Trail, Woodbridge) which is where they will attend Kindergarten.

 Their number is 703-441-0050.

We understand that this is a difficult time for families and students. Please understand that we are here for you with resources and support!

Click the "Useful Links" tab on the left to access websites that you can use at home with your child to help with their literacy, math, and physical fitness/activity. Additional documents are provided that include family assistance resources offered through the county and preschool online resources. 

Click the "Home Learning Activities" to access activities you can work on at home with your child. 


To-go style meals will be distributed to families by the county at the following school locations from 9 - 11AM Monday - Friday:
Elementary School Locations:

River Oaks 
Dale City

John D. Jenkins

Middle School Locations: 
Graham Park
Fred Lynn
Lake Ridge

High School Locations 
Forest Park