Home Learning Activities
Here you will find activities you can work on at home with your child! 

Activities included align with the Virginia Foundation Blocks for Learning, which highlights the skills/objectives our students have covered from August - March 2020. 


Here are the skills/objectives covered in our class from August - March 2020
 Foundation Blocks for Learning

Oral Language
L.1a, L.1b, L.1c, L.1d, L.1e, L.1f, L.1g, L.1hVocabulary 
L.2a, L.2b, L.2c, L.2d
Phonological Awareness 
L.3a, L.3b, L.3c, L.3d 
Letter Knowledge and Early Word Recognition 
L.4a, L.4b, L.4c, L.4d, L.4f
Print and Word Awareness 
L.5a, L.5b, L.5c, L.5d, L.5e, L.5f 
L.6a, L.6b, L.6c, L.6d, L.6e, L.6f, L.6g, L.6h 

Number and Number Sense 
M1a, M.1b, M.1c, M.1d
M.2a, M.2b
M.3a, M.3b. M.3c, M.3d 
M.4a, M.4b, M.4c, M.4d 
Data Collection and Statistics 
M.5a, M.5b 
Patterns and Relationships 
M.6a, M.6b, M.6c

Scientific Investigation, Reasoning and Logic  
S.1a, S.1c, S.1d, S.1e 
Force, Motion, and Energy 
S.2a, S.2b
Matter/Physical Properties 
S.3a, S.3b, S.3c 
Matter/Simple Physical and Chemical Reactions 
Life Processes 
S.5a, S.5b
Interrelationships in Earth/Space Systems
S.6b, S.6c, S.6d
Earth Patterns, Cycles and Change
S.7a, S.7b, S.7c, S.7d, S.7e, S.7f, S.7g 

Virginia History and Social Science:
Similarities and Differences 
H.SS1a, H.SS1b, H.SS1c, H.SS1d, H.SS1e 
Change Over Time 
H.SS2a, H.SS2b, H.SS2c, H.SS2d, H.SS2e, H.SS2f, H.SS2g 
H.SS3a, H.SS3b, H.SS3c, H.SS3d, H.SS3e
Descriptive Words 
H.SS4b, H.SS4c, H.SS4d, H.SS4e 
World of Work 
H.SS5a, H.SS5b, H.SS5c, H.SS5d, H.SS5e
Making Choices and Earning Money 
H.SS6a, H.SS6b, H.SS6c, H.SS6d, H.SS6e 
H.SS7a, H.SS7b, H.SS7c, H.SS7d, H.SS7e, H.SS7f, H.SS7g, H.SS7h 

Health and Physical Development:
Locomotor Skills 
HPD.1a, HPD.1b
Non-locomotor Skills 
HPD.1.2a, HPD.1.2b, HPD.1.2c, HPD.1.2d, HPD.1.2e 
Manipulative Skills 
HPD.1.3a, HPD.1.3c, HPD.1.3d 
Movement Principles and Concepts 
HPD.2a, HPD.2b, HPD.2c, HPD.2d 
Personal Fitness 
HPD.3a, HPD.3b, HPD.3c
Responsible Behaviors 
HPD.4a, HPD.4b, HPD.4c, HPD.4d 
Physically Active Lifestyle 
HPD.5a, HPD.5b, HPD.5c, HPD.5d 
HPD.6.1a, HPD.6.1b, HPD.6.1c, HPD.6.1d 
Habits that Promote Health and Prevent Illness
HPD.6.2a, HPD.6.2b, HPD.6.2c, HPD.6.2d, HPD.6.2e 
Information Access and Use
HPD.7a, HPD.7b, HPD.7c, HPD.7d 
Community Health and Safety 
HPD.8a, HPD.8b, HPD.8c, HPD.8d, HPD.8e, HPD.8f 

Personal and Social Development:
PSD.1a, PSD.1b, PSD.1c, PSD.1d, PSD.1e, PSD.1f 
PSD.2a, PSD.2b, PSD.2c, PSD.2d, PSD.2e 
Approaches to Learning 
PSD.3a, PSD.3b 
Interactions with Others
PSD.4a, PSD.4b, PSD.4c, PSD.4d, PSD.4e, PSD.4f 
Social Problem Solving  
PSD.5a, PSD.5b, PSD.5c, PSD.5d, PSD.5e 

Music Theory/Literacy 
M.1c, M.1d
M.2a, M.2b, M.2c, M.2d, M.2e 
Music History and Context 
 M.3a, M.3c
Analysis, Evaluation and Critique
M.4b, M.4c, M.4d, M.4e 
M.5a, M.5c 

Visual Arts:
Visual Communications 
VA.1a, VA.1c, VA.1d 
Art History and Cultural Context 
VA.2a, VA.2c 
Analysis, Evaluation, and Critique
VA.3a, VA.3b, VA.3c, VA.3d, VA.3e 
VA.4a, VA.4b, VA.4c, VA.4d