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About Ms. Ross
I grew up in Woodbridge, Virginia and attended Prince William County schools from Kindergarten through Twelfth grade. I received my Bachelors degree in Elementary Education from Radford University and my Masters degree in Educational Technology from George Mason University. I taught Kindergarten for 9 years (6 at Antietam Elementary and 3 at Neabsco Elementary) before coming to Covington-Harper to be the Instructional Technology Coach.

As an Instructional Technology Coach, my vision is that students, parents, and educators will use technology as a tool to enhance and expand learning in schools. In the 21st century, the basic goal of education has not changed, that is to prepare our students for life-long learning and success.  However , the tools and instructional methods to achieve these goals have advanced considerably. Technology such as computers, iPads, Kindles, smartphones, and computer software, provide fantastic opportunities to students and educators as a way to improve how students experience and understand what they are learning.  In the age of technology that we find ourselves in, technology is a way of life in all aspects. With the general idea that students will connect better to concepts that link to their personal life, bringing technology into the educational setting is the way to make a more natural relationship between life and what they are learning in school. As teachers, we have the responsibility for developing curriculum and applying instructional methods enriched with technology and in ensuring that our students and teachers are proficient users of these new technologies. 

I look forward to working with all of our teachers & students at CHES and integrating technology into their daily lives here at school:)

-Ms. Ross


Using Technology to Build Reading Skills

Below are some great resources to help your child build reading skills using a variety of resources that are available on the the internet for free. 

  • Storyline Online
    Developed by The Screen Actors Guild Foundation, Storyline Online features accomplished actors and actresses reading some of their favorite children’s books.  Each story comes with a free Activity Guide and can be viewed on YouTube or SchoolTube.  Rainbow FishWilfrid Gordon Macdonald Partridge, and To Be a Drum are just a few of the books available.

  • Storynory
    Storynory features a collection of original, fairytale, and classic children’s audio stories.  Students can follow along with the story as it is read to them, as the text is also included on the site

  • ABCya!
    Children can listen to short stories read aloud to them as they follow along with the highlighted text.  ABCya! has a variety of educational games in addition to the featured stories.  Free resources and materials are available for grades K through 

  • Starfall
    While some areas of Starfall are part of their premium service, they have many early reader stories available for free.  Students can follow along as the story is read to them and can, in some instances, help create their own story.  Geared for the younger readers. 
  • Read to Me
    Similar to Storyline Online, Read to Me features popular children’s books being read by famous performers.  There are activity guides with hands-on ideas, discussion questions, and lesson plans that can easily be adapted to the Common Core State Standards.  Entirely free!! 

  • International Children’s Digital Libraryhttp://en.childrenslibrary.org/
    Discover books from around the world at the International Children’s Digital Library.  The free site does not read the books aloud, but students can read them independently during Read to Self or free time.  Perfect for learning about cultures and regions from around the globe!