Welcome to Physical Education!
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Hi CHeetahs! We are Mrs. Miller & Mr. Pruden and we are pleased to be your Physical Education Teachers this year. We are super excited to be a part of the CHES family! We have multiple years of teaching experience and we love what we do. We look forward to working with our students to aCHieve all of their goals & make every day great!  

If you have any questions, please email us!  Most of the important information that you need can be found in the Files tab on the left.  We are ready and waiting for all of you to have P.E. so that we can have fun and learn some awesome skills!


Here are a few behavior plans and expectations for all students in PE class.

  1. All students should wear sneakers or tennis shoes to PE.  
  2. If a student has an injury or illness and can not participate, a note from home or a Dr. should be brought to school.
  3. All students should show respect, responsibility, and safety while in PE class
  4. If a student is having difficulty following directions, playing safely, or distracting others, a reminder will be given.  If the behavior should continue, another warning will be given and loss of participation time may be given along with taking one Class Dojo point.
  5. Have fun.  This is easy to do in PE!

Virtual Physical Education
Keep active at home with Mrs. Miller and Mr. Pruden! Check the Microsoft Teams page for announcements, activities, and more! We post activities including the Encore Weekly Activity choice boards on Teams, Class Dojo, and here under the "Files" tab. Also check out the Virtual Gymnasium for some other activities!

CHES 2019-2020
Phys. Ed. Schedule

Day 1
9:30-10:15 5th Grade - Mudryk/Mainer

10:20-11:05 4th Grade - Akins/Parker
11:10-11:55 3rd Grade - Cantwell/Parker
12:35-1:20 2nd Grade - Burke/ Robinson
1:25-2:10 1st Grade- Maldonado/Potter
2:15-3:00 Kindergarten
 - Bodmer/Plaster

Day 2
9:30-10:15 5th Grade - Poe/Szinney
10:20-11:05 4th Grade - Palmer/Street
11:10-11:55 3rd Grade - Hammerstrom/Scheffel
12:35-1:20 2nd Grade - Eisenman/Taylor
1:25-2:10 1st GradeMcPherson/Smith
2:15-3:00 Kindergarten
 - Marcell/Rowe

Day 3
9:30-10:15 5th Grade - Mainer
10:20-11:05 4th Grade - Parker/ Seals
11:10-11:55 3rd Grade - Parker/Lydell/Chechak/Stephenson
12:35-1:20 2nd Grade - Robinson/ Thompson
1:25-2:10 1st Grade- Potter/ Venema
2:15-3:00 Kindergarten
 - Plaster/ Venema

Day 4
9:30-10:15 5th Grade - Mudryk/Szinney
10:20-11:05 4th Grade - Street/ Akins
11:10-11:55 3rd Grade - Scheffel/ Cantwell
12:35-1:20 2nd Grade - Taylor/ Burke
1:25-2:10 1st Grade- Smith/ Maldonado
2:15-3:00 Kindergarten
 - Rowe/ Bodmer

Day 5
9:30-10:15 5th Grade - Poe
10:20-11:05 4th Grade - Seals/ Palmer
11:10-11:55 3rd Grade - Hammerstrom/ Lydell/Chechak/Stephenson
12:35-1:20 2nd Grade - Thompson/ Eisenmann
1:25-2:10 1st GradeVenema/ McPherson
2:15-3:00 Kindergarten
 - Venema/ Marcell