Welcome to Art!


I look forward to being able to create art and make messes upon our return to school. In the meantime please check out these great art resources to continue your creative journey at home!
You can find resources in the Useful Links section on the left side of the page to learn more!                                                             
 Mrs. Shaw

Daily Schedule


   Encore Schedule

Day 1:
Poe, Palmer, Hammerstrom, Eisenman, McPherson, Marcell
Day 2: Mainer, Parker-3, Parker-4, Robinson, Potter, Plaster
Day 3: Szinnyey, Street, Scheffel, Taylor, Smith, Rowe
Day 4: Seals, Self-Contained, Thompson, Venema-1, Venema-K
Day 5: Mudryk, Akins, Cantwell, Burke, Maldonado, Bodmer